End of rumors: Will Burkha’s decision to marry Rabish break Hafiz Saeed’s heart? Will he attack India for revenge?

This is the biggest scoop in the history of Indian journalism which may affect not only the future of Indian journalism and the Left-Liberal ecosystem but may cause a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

We all had known for long time that there was something brewing in the ecosystem. the love between Burkha dust and Rabish is well documented yet hush hushed for long time. Looking at Burkha’s penchant for Kashmiris no one gave a hoot to Rabish’s love for her, everyone thought he will meet the same fate Dev Anand met in his love for Suraiya

“Dill Jala Hoon Endia ko Jalakar rakh kar doonga!”

But today things have changed for better and for worse too. On the one hand the ecosystem is happy that two stalwarts of Left-Liberal bastion have come together, but on the other hand they are afraid of a bitter Sharukh Khan’s Darr style retaliation Burkha’s long time paramour Hafiz Saeed across the border. Hafiz has been waiting to take his 4th wife and now his dreams are shattered. There is a lurking fear that Hafeez may egg Paki Military to use nuclear bomb and take revenge on whole India.

Only alla key knows what will happen in future. But for now let us congratulate the love birds… happy anchoring in bed .

Picture credit: TSP’s Rabish Ki Report. Visit their epic sketch on Rabish here

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