We want to save our girls from Feminism – Dhaka police cancels Arundhati Roy’s talk at Dhobi Mela.

It’s sad day for us at Ganjedi Times. Many of us haven’t eaten anything after learning about this ‘touching’ story. Me, just sitting alone at the dark corner of this office; trying my best words to come out of my smoked up brain.

Yes! Our brand ambassador was disrespected badly in the land of brackish waters.

The organisers were informed on Monday that, permission for Roy’s talk at the Kroshebid Institute Auditorium was cancelled. To protect young girls from ill-effects of Feminism.

The festival that began on February 28 this year has the spotlight on main subjects like; How to make young girls Feminists, why every man is a potential rapist, Why girls should be introduced to feminism at the age of 8 months etc.

The highlight of the event was Arundhati Roy’s talk show on “How to smoke up at your father’s expense, and call him a rapist”

Also few other workshops on hysterical existence and social irresponsibility of feminists in a global context, the Dhobi Mela statement said. “Dhobi Mela has and will continue to be about bringing feminists together and, more importantly, bringing them to Bangladesh,” Alfam, who is currently out on bail for selling ganja, said. The smoking festival is scheduled to continue till March mid 2019.

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