Twitter India shuts down as they couldn’t deliver enough dick pics to Barkha Dutt.

Earlier this week, failed journalist Barkha Dutt received a dick-pic via Twitter, followed by one via WhatsApp. Barkha Dutt gone furious about its size and later she found out it was sent by her boyfriend-boss Hafiz Sayeed via WhatsApp. Her boyfriend wanted to surprise her via his new number. However, the ones she received via Twitter causing problems in her personal life and boardrooms of Twitter India.


“Our servers can’t handle these dick-pics anymore, nationalist sizes are hurting our servers and it need upgrades”. – Jack

Jack continues; We’ve been delivering dick pics from the very beginning of Twitter. Yes, we understand the importance of dick-pics in this sexually deprived modern society. Twitter DMs are meant for sending dick-pics and receiving them. Even I received few dick-pics from Trump himself last year, you know – in Orange colour.

Meanwhile Barkha Dutt figuring out how to receive nationalist sized dick-pics without hurting Twitter. University of Peshawar faculties suggested her requesting Twitter to improve their infrastructure.


Twitter unofficially agreed to her suggestion of having couple of dedicated servers for her Twitter account. “Penis Mightier, it causes bandwidth shortfalls for the same reason, twitter needs to rack up more servers” demands Barkha Dutt.

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