Tribal freedom fighters like Birsa Munda were not cool enough for us Marxist historians. Their name made our wine stale- Romila Thappad

On 17th November there was 144th birth anniversary of Aba Birsa Munda one of the first freedom fighter of India. Yet not many people know his name except the tribal of the state. It is known that congress has used tribal for vote bank but never did anything for them. And now Tribal communities in Jharkhand is seeking celebration of Birsa Munda Jayanti.

Our star reporter Ganja Baba visited famous Marxist Historian Romevali Thaper to find out why Aba Birsa Munda was never acknowledge?

Romevali was drinking her favorite Cabernet wine in her balcony with a heater on. Upon asking about non inclusion of Birsa Munda in history books she guffawed and told Gnaja Baba, ” Come on dude don’t be lame. Adivasi and freedom fighters? Huh! Man they were not cool enough for our taste.”

Ganja Baba was taken aback at this and asked how does being cool matters? And she said a little inebriated now, “Man we Marxist are bourgeois and we can’t handle people who have no class.” and then she took a sip of her Cabernet and exclaimed, “Ya Alla look what you did! Just my mentioning non cool peoples name my wine got stale. Just go away. I dont wonna talk about it.”

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