Take break from Mandir, make COVID19 vaccine now. Modi urges to Mandir trustees.

Finally, the day has come for Modi to listen to Communists and Liberals. For so long Modi had ignored eminent intellectuals like Kunal Kamra, Dhruv rathee, Sanjukta Basu and, your favorite – Neha from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

Ever since the COVID19 broke out, these intellectuals were asking Modi to focus on developing vaccines instead of building Ram Mandir. However, Modi never heard their voices. Or never saw their tweets because he wasn’t following them on social media. Such a bad state of affairs, how can a Prime minister of a largest democracy not follow Neha from Lajpat Nagar, or Sanjukta Basu for that matter?

At least he should be following Dhruv Rathee. How many videos Dhruv Rathee makes every week, how can Modi never see any of his videos? Have you ever seen him in the audience at Kunal Kamra’s tragedy shows? Answer is NO. Perhaps, it’s also time for Modi to step down from the Prime Minister’s post for not listening to these eminent intellectuals.

“Damn, I never knew my skills are beyond carving granite stones. Yesterday I was carving stones, today I’m making vaccines. Thanks Kunal Kamra”
– Dr. Ramlal (Former Artisan).

Doctor Ramlal COIVD vaccine innovator former artisan

On the second day after laying the foundation for Ram Mandir, Modi happened to see Sanjukta Basu’s Facebook post about COIVD Crisis. Modi wanted to read something uplifting in the morning before potty, so some top official sent a screenshot to him. Soon after reading lomba lomba paragraphs, he realized how he misplaced his priorities. He immediately called the Larsen & Toubro engineering team and asked them to stop construction right then. Later that day Modi and L&T team sat together and decided to drop Mandir construction and start working on developing vaccines for COIVD19 instead.

Gunjan Dalal COIVD vaccine innovator former contrustion helper

“I must thank Dhruv Rathee, I never knew developing a vaccine is this easy, mortar mixing is a tiring job. But I’m gonna make vaccines all day, everyday”
– Dr. Gunjan Dalal (Former construction helper).

Phew, that was close. See how eminent intellectuals save humanity from the clutches of facsism! Without these intellectuals who will save the word?

Ps: This is obviously a work of fiction. Mentioning it here because liberals aren’t bright enough to understand the difference.

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