Cop finds his lost uncle studying in JNU campus during a brawl between PhD students.

Life may not always have happy endings like Bollywood movies. But this week, Abdul Rashid—a policeman was surprised to find his lost relative. For past few days Delhi had witnessed many clashes between authorities and students in its streets. JNU campus was the centre of attraction for national media after the hostel fee hike related issues.

Abdul Rashid, the policeman who was deployed near JNU campus for three days as his unit was informed about potential violent outbreaks in the city. When the JNU administration imposed a hike after about 40 years in the hostel boarding and lodging fees that students have to pay—a hike from an insignificant ₹20 a month. The students are upset because they have to pay for utility and service charges that were zero till today.
“How can I pay ₹20 extra monthly when we don’t even have money to buy a Che Guevara Phone case for my iPhone X?” The JNU Students’ Union (JNUSU) has demanded a complete rollback of fee hike.

Rashid met his relative when the students marched to the Parliament on November 18 where the first Winter Parliament session was held. When the march approached the parliament, a freshers from PhD department started pelting fresh stones at police. Rashid got angry of the stone pelter who tried to injure his colleague, he chased the stone pelter and finally caught him. When he had a closer look at the stone pelter, Rashid totally baffled by the fact that he was his lost uncle! He immediately called his family in Kashmir, putting his uncle on speaker, Rashid’s mother easily recognised her brother.

Pehli fursat me purchase karo!

Rashid continues, my mother asked her brother to shout “Kashmir Maange Azaadi” only to confirm if it was her beloved brother. In reply Rashid’s uncle screamed “Kashmir Maange azaadi” and pelted a big stone at police vehicle. “Were’e all in tears, never thought I will meet him one day. I’m so happy that we finally found him. My uncle didn’t leave us because of poverty. Our family was doing well, he left our village only because he couldn’t pursue PhD in “African Studies in Lesbian Twerking” in our local university.

Ps: Above incident never happened. And the picture along with this article has nothing to do with this article either.

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