Nobel peace prize committee rejects Imran Khan’s nomination. “Only two drones? Obama sent them in hundreds”.

Sadly, the world is still judging anything based on its quantity rather than its quality. When are we going to start appreciating the quality of things and judging them rather than looking at the quantity?

Really heartbreaking to see another Nobel prize for peace walking away from United South Asia. Yesterday, the Nobel peace prize committee had rejected Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nomination and poured cold water on his only opportunity to win peace prize.

Without doubt we can say Imran Khan deserves a Nobel prize for what he has done in past few weeks. He sent Allah’s NGO workers to Pulwama as part of his religious duty. One of his men rammed an SUV full of Allahu Akbar into Hindu patriarchal Army convoy and neutralised 44 cases of toxic masculinity. If that doesn’t really impress the world, then the world really needs to re-look at itself and stop being Islamophobic.

Luckily, there were few left elitists in the Nobel prize panel, who agreed to this Noble cause of neutralising toxic masculinity of 44. But majority of them found 44 is very less in number, considering the population of India.

“Though Pulwama is failed to impress us, sending two Fiyadeen Drones to Indian Airspace was an impressive move” Said one of the elites from Nobel prize committee.

Other than Pulwama – on February 26th, Imran Khan had sent a Drone to Indian airspace in Kutch region of Gujarat. And another one to Bikaner-Nal sector in Rajasthan. But both of them were shot down by patriarchal forces of India using air-to-air missile systems. Unlike Obama’s drones, these two drones failed to locate elementary schools in India.

“Droning school kids is the key, hope you understand this. Just two? Obama sent them in hundreds, that’s why we gave him the Nobel peace prize” another leftist elite from the panel muttered to Satire Today reporter Babu Murley.

Let’s hope for a better world that judges people’s actions by its quality. May Imran Khan win Nobel peace prize and make United South Asia great again!

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