No samosa? Not coming to school. ‘Gopal threatened to burn the school down’

Gopal (8ryr) a young boy from a rural school in Tamilnadu threatens to burn down his school. He wants to burn it down because he couldn’t get enough Samosa. Young boy’s unfair demand created distress among school authority. Head mistress Sister Malaria Fernadez believe that he had enough samosa over the years. No more samosa needed ans he’s not willing to convert.

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Gopal’s classmates are in jubilant mood. They’re waiting for him to burn-down the school.

Students are happy about Gopal’s statement and they’re waiting for the day to pickup holy ashes of their school; which they will be scattering in Kaveri river with the permission of Karnataka Government. Young Gabriel, sorry… Gopal says he want more samosa because he know about high demands for young boys in the altar boys gang. He always seen them young alter boys blowing trumpets at choir. “Why they should only have the fun, I want to be part of it” he added.

Sister Malaria Fernadez also states that, the school had changed it’s policy in 2014. Till 2014 the school used to provide 10 Kg rice bags to each students. monthly. But as the fascist regime took over Indian political paradigm in 2014, school authorities forced to switch to Samosa for for not hurting their monthly budget.

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