New Zealand sets a new standard in guilt trip – changes name to New Zialand

Last weeks horrific shooting at a mosque in Christchurch (?) shook the world, but no one guessed that it was going to change new Zealand and the world forever.

Terrorism is not new to the modern world. Last few decades terrorism has rocked the world and according to a survey terrorism by Religion of Peace has killed 85000 people worldwide in 2017. But one can hardly expect a religion like i Slam to take any moral onus for they are relatively new religion and have not developed enough compared to Whites and their Christianity. And we all know how White men set the standard for every thing in the modern world.

Rudyard Kipling the famous British poet and writer was prescient in his vision when he penned his famous poem, “The White Man’s Burden”. It is debated if Kipling positively represents colonial imperialism as the moral burden of the white race, who are divinely destined to civilize the brutish, non-white other who inhabits the barbarous parts of the world. And despite the fact that more Christians and others were killed by Religion of Peace terrorism, the responsibility is on the Whites to set the standard for guilt trip. Because we all know by now how playing victim card has become sole identity on one and only one religion.

World saw with teary eye how LGBT activist and agnostic Prime Minister
Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand discarded her ethical standing and donned black Penguin headdress to mourn the unfortunate incident. But that was not all, just now at the stroke of midnight New Zealand became New Zialand.

This is a paradigm shift in guilt trip which will shame generations of lazy bol-bachan leaders of world.

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