Kanhaiya Kumar promises ‘Free Communist Meal’ For Everyone if he becomes the Prime minister.

India always lacked young dynamic leaders who can think out of the box and come up with outstanding ideas. Can you think of any other Young leader than Rahul Gandhi (54yrs old) talking about innovative ideas like Aloo-Sona converter, BHEL mobile phones etc. Nope, only him; that’s the reality.

Wait no more. Our favourite little leader Kanhaiya Kumar is here. He’s contesting from Begusarai constituency. Lots of optimism is in air as he announced his candidature. Especially from his opponent side.

One of his promise is really fascinating, he’s planning to provide ‘Free Communist Meals’ for everyone if he becomes Prime Minister. Did any other candidates had pitched in such an outstanding idea? Do you think any other political party in this country thought about it? Answer is NO.

According to the sources his ‘Free Communist Meals’ plan is very healthy alternative to the regular type of free meals you get from fascist Hindu temples and Sikh langars. Any dieticians will tell you that Fascist temples add lots of milk products to make people lazy, fat slaves.

But Kanhaiya Kumar implementing this free meal scheme with the collaboration of North Korea and Venezuela.

The Free Communist Meal contains
Zero Fat
Zero Carbohydrates
Zero Calories
Zero Saturated fat
Zero Trans fat (not fat trannies mate)
Zero Dietary fibre,
Zero Sugar.

Satire Today accessed the exclusive visuals from the JNU leftist conclave and here’s the photograph of sample meal.

“Delijjious no? This is perfect Venezuelan and North Korean fooshion cuijine” Kanhaiya Kumar said to the Ganjedi Times. He just complete his Phd in African Studies and he can’t wait for making us starve like North Africans.

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