Global Recession in Stand Up Comedy Act. Comedian wears his girlfriend’s skinny pants to beat poverty.

There is a global recession in stand up comedy. Previously during Left- Liberals rule in USA and India, comedians were in much demand to keep the unsatisfied hungry masses away from real issues like low income and unemployment and suicidal tendencies. Ever since Right Wingers took over the offices in the worlds two largest democracies, people have been spending more time in productive work, sex, games, travelling, reading, and being generally happy hence have stopped watching lame ass stand up comedians.

The change in age old political order in USA and India has sent a panic waves in the stand up comedy business and to feed themselves and their families and to keep the jobs in their respective studios, these stand up comedians have started wooing political crowd with their lame ass criticism of Modi and Trump – the two people who have rubbed their asses on the face of Left Liberal masses.

Harward Business Review confirmed the trend by saying that, ” When a business loses its quality in its own consumer base it tries to woo consumers from other markets and we thinks that’s what these comedians are doing. They are losing their sh*t.”

One Indian comedian Kunal Kurmura said, “I cant buy hair extension and I think I have less jokes than hair on my head. I somehow manage to pull the crowd on Modi jokes but if Modi wins 2019…I will be doomed. I can’t cry in bathroom anymore.”

Hazan Minaj the famous US- Indian comedian, a lost brother of Nicki Minaj recently admitted that even if he is USA citizen he cant forget his Aligarh roots and must stand up for Ummah even if it means saying bad things about India. “Anyway I am not Indian anymore.” He declined to comment why despite being brother of big ass Nikkie Minaj he wears his
girlfriends skinny pants.

Trivial Noha another American comedian is fast losing grip on his sanity. “I get nightmares that I will never be as white as Donald Trump. You see I come from South Africa and I just can’t forget that even if Americans are nice to me and Indian don’t bother me…i gotta make fun of them for my daily bread and tube of Fair & Lovely.”

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