Election Commission planning chop off your hands as it resembles with congress party symbol.

People should learn to do things without hands, this is 2019 you can even ask Siri to make Aloo Paratha. If Google Assistant can book you cabs then why do you need hands?

Democracy should be saved at any cost. Sometimes authorities take bold steps to save democracy. Like masking out Rangolis in Hindu temples of Tamilnadu.

Election Commission has announced that Model code of conduct (MCC) as the Lok Sabha 2019 election dates were announced on 8 March 2019, which comes into effect from the same day. And yes, The ‘Babudom’ didn’t waste any time to show how stupid they are. Rice-bag intellectual babus went after a temple first.

Babus from EC rushed to Srivilliputhur Andal temple and masked out the beautiful Lotus rangoli with white paint. With this rapid action they airlifted the dying Democracy to nearest super specialty hospital.

Screen Shot 2019 03 15 at 8.49.37 AM
EC officials masked lotus rangolis inside Srivilliputhur Andal Temple, saying that it’s against Election code of conduct, as it represents BJP’s Symbol.

EC said that it’s against Election code of conduct, as it represents BJP’s Symbol, hence they have masked them to save Democracy. People were quick to take it to social media to expressed their view and anger asking how can EC be so foolish to implement this inside the temple premises. Also people questioned what about the Hand which represents congress symbol, what about the Sun, Broomstick and Leaves which represents various other parties symbols.

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This is ridiculous. Will ECO Next ask every one to keep hands inside pockets or elsewhere to avoid them showing being a Congress symbol
The babudom intellect just jumps to new depths. Readers from Delhi are advised to visit Lotus temple before it gets demolished for violating Model code of conduct (MCC).

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